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People and Businesses in Different Entities

Question asked by WalkerWilliams on Dec 7, 2012
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People and Businesses in Different Entities


     Hello All thanks for the help.  It's been a long time since I created a relational database and I'm having trouble conceptualizing the EA for this new one.  

     Im creating a database to help me manage my business (Disaster Restoration, Water and Smoke Damage) and we will deal with People and Businesses.  The People can be Entities such as Referrers, Clients, Vendors, Subcontractors, Insurance Adjusters, and Employees.  Each Person may or may not be attached to a Company that we need to track.  The Companies can also be Entities such as Referral Offices, Clients, Insurance Companies, Adjusting Companies, Vendors, Subcontractors and they will have employees that we will need to keep track of as well.

     My EA shows the Entities as their functions and I can build the database this way but then I have no way to track all the relationships one person or business will have with us (A Person who is a Referrer or a Company who is a Referral Office can also be a Client and/or a Vendor and/or a Subcontractor)  If I add Person and Company to my EA it isn't "clean" and I worry that if I do this then It will associate incorrect information to a job file.  (Perform work for a person who works at a Company.  I dont want to associate the Company to the Job Automatically if the job was at the person's house)

     I'm sure that there is an easy way to do this But I can't find it in the documentation.  I'm Thinking that it is similar to a many to many relationship with a join table.  

     Does anyone know how to make this work?  Thanks,  Walker