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    Percent Default Setting



      Percent Default Setting


           I'm not sure what happened but when I add a field to a layout in table view it defaults to a data setting of percent. This started happening out of nowhere, I just want it to be a number or whatever the field is supposed to be. If I add it to the actual layout and go through the inspector tool and change it back to number it works fine, but how do I make the auto setting stop?

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               Enter layout mode.

               Without anything selected on your layout, go to the data formatting tab and specify "as entered" for number data formatting.

               This should reset the default data format for this layout.

               Note that it's very easy for format settings to mysteriously "stick" as default settings when using versions of FileMaker older than FileMaker 12.

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                 Can you enter layout editting mode in table view? I'm not really sure what you're referring to, I assumed you were referring to the inspector? The values are displayed correctly in form and list view just not in table view and I don't know how to change it. Some values are in my table view but not used on the actual layout... those are the ones that I can't change the display for.

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                        Can you enter layout editting mode in table view?

                   Yes. You can enter layout mode on any layout regardless of whether you are in Form, List or Table view, provided that you are a full access user.

                   When you add a field to your Table View that is not physically present on the layout, the default data formatting settings from the inspector are applied. What I am describing will alter the default settings to "as entered".

                   In some cases, you have to put the field on the layout and specify a data format for it in order to get a format that is different from the default setting. Say you add two fields to Table View and one needs to be formatted "as entered" and another needs to be formatted as currency. In that case, you have to place at least one of the two fields on your layout in order to get different data formats for each.