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    Percentage of achived meeting (CRM)



      Percentage of achived meeting (CRM)




      I've created a CRM DB in FM (Mac/FM10). Works pretty fine. However - I have a check box field (customer accepted meeting "yes" or "no").

      And to have a quick overview I'd like to have the calculated percentage of achived meetings compaired to total (in seperate layout = overview).


      Can someone help me with the calculation for this issue?


      Thanks a lot in advance.



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             You can use a summary field with count on the found set of meeting invites grouped by status.
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            Hi and thanks for replying.


            I think I understand your suggestion - but could you help me with an example of the formula line?


            I have a field with checkbox: Customer accepted meeting "yes" or "no". I'd like to now my succesrate on the "Yes to meeting" compaired to the entire number of records in DB.


            What I mean is - which formula to use - and how would it look?


            Thanks in advance...

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              Thank you for your post.


              I don't know what version of FileMaker Pro you are using, but the following should work for all versions of FileMaker Pro.


              Create a calculation field, "CALC" with the following formula:


              If ( Customer accepted meeting = "Yes"; 1 ; 0 )


              Create a Summary field, "PERCENT" with the summary option Average of CALC.


              The result in PERCENT will give you a percentage of those Customers that replied "Yes".


              Let me know if you need clarification.



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