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    Perform a find through a portal



      Perform a find through a portal


      I have an customer order database where I want to find all orders with the field orderStatus marked 'quoted' but have payment information. The payment information is stored in a serparate table and shown using a portal.

      If I do a search for quoted and omit anything in the payment field I get a lot of records I do not want because it returns records with no payment information.

      Any help on this would be great.


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          Is the undesired result that you are getting?

          You specify "quoted" in the layout's table, create a new request, enter * in the portal's payment field, select the "omit" option and get records where the portal is empty?

          Or do you want to see only portal records that match your criteria? (If there are 5 records in portal before the find with 3 that meet criteria, you only want to see the 3 portal records once the find is performed.)

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            I want to perform a find for customer orders that are marked "Quoted" and have a record in the portal. I do the  search for order status marked "Quoted" and * in a field in the portal and i get all records marked quoted whether or not it has a record in the portal.

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              Hmmm, that should work. Obviously, some detail is keeping it from working. What is the relationship between the order and payment fields?

              OrdersTable::OrderID = Payments::OrderID

              Would be my guess, but need to be sure.

              Is the field in which you are entering the * a field from Payments or a field from a table related to payments?

              Is there any portal filtering? If so, the find will find a record with an existing payment record, but the filter will then hide the related record matching your criteria.

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                I've attached 4 images to show you everything.


                First Search Criteria

                Second Search Criteria


                Thanks again,

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                  Did you always use the Omit option or did you do that after my post where I described doing so? (That was an error on my part.) I hadn't "drunk my coffee" yet and thought you were trying to do the opposite of what you are actually trying to accomplish.

                  Since you want records where a portal record exists, use a single find request and put the asterisk in the same request where you put Quotes. Do not select the Omit option.