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    Perform End of Day Procedure



      Perform End of Day Procedure


      Hey All;

      Trying to finish up my Simple Invoice system, but need a little help with end of day proc.

      i would like to do the following:

      1. find *ALL invoices that occured on today's date or any other date
      2. sort those records by customer name
      3. create a report that lists job totals, payment type(cash,charge,credit,check) *deposits,etc
      4. then prints a summary of total sales for day, total deposits, total refunds 
      5. and at bottom we would have total amount available for deposit.

      i am sure somewhere my logic is flawed,but again i know someone knows how to go about this.

      thanks again,


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          1. find *ALL invoices that occured on today's date or any other date


          How does that differ from just finding all records? I would think you'd want to find just those invoices with today's date.

          How/when do you want this to happen: Automatically at a specified time each day, or when someone clicks a button at COB?

          "A little help" is pretty vague.

          Where do you encounter difficulty when you try to create this system?

          What version of FileMaker are you using and on what platform?

          How much experience in creating FileMaker scripts do you have?

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            Hello PhilModJunk again!

            i would like to click a button at the end of the day ( all sales to be closed out @ cashier closing time)

            i havent tried yet as i really dont know where to start? logic is my main thing right now as i am from a background of web design, php & a little mysql.

            I am using FMP 11 advanced & mac snow leopard. I think i can handle scripts, just familiarity is what i really need to go about doing it

            Seems fmp users create table occurences to do certain things, others scripts, functions & yet others use portals and connect the 2. It is a 

            bit overwhelming which solution to go with.

            should i:

            • create an end of day table and place the totals from invoice of current date in that table
            • as well as payment types ( check , cahs,etc)
            • or should i just script using global variables to collect the data with a loop and put inside my end of day report or
            • do i use subsummary reports, which i have yet to play with.

            You see Phil, i am losing my mind a bit. Can you help guide me in the right direction or is there just one solution to this

            here problem?



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              You have two basic choices (and choosing both is possible):

              A report based on each invoice.

              A report based on each Line Item in that invoice.

              Do you have this table structure (names may be different)?


              With a report based on line items, you can get a break down on each item/service sold to the customer. (How many red ryder wagons, how many toy trains, how many model air planes...)

              With a report based on Invoices, you get a list of the customers (if you collect that information on your invoice or in a related table) and the amounts and payment types and other results specific to each invoice. (Since more than one payment type may have been used on a single invoice, you may even have a payments table where a customer can use two credit cards or partial cash, partial debit card type payments.)

              Either way, it's a matter of defining the correct summary fields and layouts with the needed layout parts to produce the reports you want. I suggest creating the needed layouts and then manually producing these reports to start. Then, once they work for you, you can set about automating the process with a script attached to your button.

              Here's a tutorial on summary reports that just so happens to use a very simplified invoicing system as its example tables and layouts you can take a look at: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

              This is an old thread so posting questions to it no longer pops it back into Recent Items so it's easy for me to miss any questions you post there. You'll be better off if you post any such questions here instead.

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                Hey Phil, Will let you know how it goes. Almost finished thanks to you.

                any good books how to master this program?


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                  There are several available. Which one is a good fit for you depends on what level of knowledge you already have. You can research reader reviews on a site like Amazon to get a better idea as to which is a good choice for you.