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Perform find

Question asked by mayor on Feb 10, 2010
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Perform find




I have develop grant system. Every grant has their badget & expenses.

I have 2 tables for this system , Grant and Expenses.



grant_no, owner_name, amount_approved, date_start, date_end,

amount1, amount2, amount3, year1, year2, year3


(Let's say, this grant for period of 3 years. If amount_approved of this grant is $90,000, it can be paid 3 times

for each year, $30,000 for year1, $30,000 for year2 $30,000 for year3. So I need to record the payment of each year).


My problem is when I want to find the records for the payment of year 2009 for example,

the value 2009 maybe in field year1, year2 or year3.

Normally find the record using just 1 field, so how I wat to find the records in multiple fields.