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Perform Find (in a script) with a variable

Question asked by 3WaveGuy on Jan 27, 2010
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Perform Find (in a script) with a variable


I have variable $$nm set to fred

I have a doctor file which has a field called fname

In my "specify find requests" screen, I end up with doctor::fname: =[$$nm]

I made it in the "Edit find request" screen by selecting file doctor and field fname giving "doctor::fname".

I cant select a variable for some reason for the criterea it is just freehand. It has a button to insert operator.

I select =, then I enter freehand $$nm. It shows as doctor::fname: as Field and =[$$nm] as Criterea.

When I execute the script, even though the data has a record with fname containing 'fred', it says:

    "no records match this set of find requests",

and in the fname field of the layout it says =$$nm in the fname field not fred.

Am I doing anything wrong?