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Perform Find - Combining multiple drop-down lists

Question asked by disabled_AlexandreEdyas on Mar 16, 2015
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Perform Find - Combining multiple drop-down lists



I would be very grateful for any assistance in designing the following 'search form'. I am sure it is pretty basic for any experimented user, but I am a little lost as to how to proceed.

I have built a database with three tables (say, Customers, Orders, Payments) connected with one-to-many relationships (one record in Table Customers can be related to many records in Table Orders; and one record in Table Orders can be related to many records in Table Payments).

I would love to design a "search form" layout made of multiple drop-down lists, in order to "guide" the database user.

Some drop-down lists would be related to data in Table Customers (eg name, nationality); other to data in Table Orders (eg date order, product, quantity); and others yet to data in table Payments (eg date payment, mode of payment, amount).

Ideally, the records displayed would be extracted from Table Customers (eg name, nationality) but could also display data from the other two Tables. Clicking on any of the records would take the user to another layout ("individual record display") gathering the relevant data from all 3 tables for that specific Customer.

Ideally again, any change in one of the drop-down lists would automatically alter the list of records displayed in the search form.


If anyone could guide me if only through the tools I should use, I would be extremely grateful.