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    Perform find but stay on current record



      Perform find but stay on current record


           I have a script that sets a current client ID as a variable, performs a find for other invoices with that client Id and then sorts. I want to go to the record that the find was generated from initial after the find is complete.  I usually use Get(record number) and go to record by calculation but that does not work here because the record number chances.  Any suggestions?

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               You can perform a find for the ID in that variable instead of using Go to record/request/page. After finding the records, you can show all records to show that record in the context of other records in your table.

               Or you can perform your find in a different context so that the found set and current record you see in your current window and layout does not change.

               Option 1: If you create a new occurrence of the table on which your layout is based, you can create a new layout for that new occurrence. You can change to that layout, perform the find and when you return to your original layout, the found set and current record will not have changed.

               Option 2: If you open a new window, you can perform the find in that new window. When done, close the window and you are back to your current record and found set.