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Perform Find doesn't. (Find, that is).

Question asked by pauhana658 on Oct 4, 2012
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Perform Find doesn't. (Find, that is).


     I'm at wit's end (and beginning to suspect that it was a pretty tiny wit to begin with). Hope someone can share a bit of their's.

     Got a couple of tables -- Clients and Invoices -- related via Client Name. Once a month, I need to send out a monthly invoice for all of the delivery notices I issued for a client. My assumption is that I could use a script attached to a button on the Cilent Details form. The script would perform a find: all records in Invoices with ClientName identical to the Clients::ClientName and with delivery notice dates within the monthly period. 

     It ain't working. Or I should say, everything is working except the Perform Find script step. And I can't figure out why. i've looked through the FileMaker Pro 12 documentation and The Missing Manual, but nothing I've read (to the extent of my limited understanding) indicates what I'm doing wrong.  Here are a couple of screenshots of the procedure and Find criteria.