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    Perform find future date



      Perform find future date & other parameters


      I have a script that currently performs numerous finds and also omits some things. From that found set I only want it to show records that have a date that is ≥ a certain date (that is in field) + 14. How can I ask it to show only the those records?

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          Tell us more about the "certain date". Is this what you want.

          Certain date is 14 days after 4 / 25 / 2011. So you want all records where the date in a date field is 5/ 09 / 2011 or later.

          Is this "date in a field" a date that is entered in a field with global storage, a related record, or ?

          Or is this date + 14 a different date in every record?

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            It is a different date in every record and an edit field (not a calculation). So I need the script to find all the records from my original find/omit rules and then from that found set only find records that are ≥ that date field + 14. I know how to do equal to or greater than todays date or equal to or greater than the date in that field, but I'm not sure how to add the 14 days.

            I hope that helps answer your questions.

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              So if you have found these records:

              Date field: 5 / 09 /2011, Certain Date field: 4/25/2011
              Date Field 5 / 01 /2011, Certain date field: 4 /26/2011

              You want to constrain those results to just:

              Date field: 5 / 09 /2011, certain Date field: 4/25/2011

              That what you want?

              If so, define a calculation field as Date Field > ( Certain Date Field + 14 )

              In your original find you can search for 1 (True) in this calculation field or you can return to find mode specify this same criteria and use constrain found set to reduce the records from the found set to just those meeting this criteria.

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                Thanks Phil, I figured I would need another date field with the calculation and then use that in my find criteria. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. It would be nice if the operators in the find criteria were similar to the calculation options. Oh well, wishful thinking.

                Thanks for your time again.