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Perform Find on a Calculation Field

Question asked by jimvision on Sep 23, 2013
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Perform Find on a Calculation Field


     Hi Everyone

     I'm new to FileMaker Pro 12 but liking the product.

     Product: FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v4

     OS: Mac OSX version 10.8.5

     Overview:  I'm creating a report and the first "Set Field" of the Perform Find works well.  The second "Set Field" does not return results as expected.  The second "Set Field" is doing a find on a calculation field.  Please see image below.  Highlighted row shows code in question.

     Tables:  I have a Contacts table that relates to a Participants table (one to many respectively) via an ID field.

     Issue:  What it's doing is showing all the records from the first "Set Field" statement, but it shows the BalanceDue records with a value of zero, instead of values greater than zero.  Is there something different that I should be doing when performing finds on calculation fields?