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perform find on a checkbox

Question asked by MMetin on Sep 16, 2013
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perform find on a checkbox



     I have a database with different medical conditions. There are "allergies", "diabetics", "asthma" ... Everyone of them is a checkbox with one value. (Because the info is in the header and body part, to show and change every time, when user changes/saves information.)

     When I would like to perform a find on one checkbox, it shows also the other ticked checkboxes, if they were ticked on for the first found record. Basically, I would like to be able to search for "allergy" and all records will be shown in a list. But if the first record has also "asthma" , this checkbox is also ticked.  For the search, I would like just the ticked boxes for the find  be visible. (Conditional formatting is not a solution.)

     I tried with a global field as a checkbox. But it didn't work on browse mode; the global didn't become a checkbox. 

     Is there a easy way for my problem? I am using filemaker pro 12 since 2 months. And I didn't implemented for a long time...  so please tell me step by step, if possible.

     Thank you for your time, Mine