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    perform find on a checkbox



      perform find on a checkbox



           I have a database with different medical conditions. There are "allergies", "diabetics", "asthma" ... Everyone of them is a checkbox with one value. (Because the info is in the header and body part, to show and change every time, when user changes/saves information.)

           When I would like to perform a find on one checkbox, it shows also the other ticked checkboxes, if they were ticked on for the first found record. Basically, I would like to be able to search for "allergy" and all records will be shown in a list. But if the first record has also "asthma" , this checkbox is also ticked.  For the search, I would like just the ticked boxes for the find  be visible. (Conditional formatting is not a solution.)

           I tried with a global field as a checkbox. But it didn't work on browse mode; the global didn't become a checkbox. 

           Is there a easy way for my problem? I am using filemaker pro 12 since 2 months. And I didn't implemented for a long time...  so please tell me step by step, if possible.

           Thank you for your time, Mine

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               You'll need to explain in more detail how you designed your layout and the table on which it is based. If "Everyone of them is a checkbox with one value", and you are getting this result, it sounds like you may have a single field with multiple copies--each with a different check box, placed on your layout. But that's just a guess on my part.

               A global field should work for what you need here and they can be formatted as checkbox fields just like any non global field so I don't see why you had a problem using a global field. But this assumes that you are using a script to perform the find as a script would use the data in the global field to set up your find request and then perform the find.

               But there is more than one way to work with checkboxes and scripted finds, depending on how you design your layout and what type of results you want to see when the find is performed.

               Here's a thread on scripted finds that you may find useful: Scripted Find Examples

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                 Hi Phil

                 thank you very much for your response. The link helped me a lot, and my problem is solved. The global field is working as check box, and my script performs find. Thanks. Mine