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Perform Find on records containing _ "Underscore" character issue

Question asked by powella on Mar 28, 2011
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Perform Find on records containing _ "Underscore" character issue


Using < or > in a search works well for alpha numeric fields but I am seeing some strange behavior when that field contains values with underscores and I am not sure how FileMaker is handling these.

First experiment using values "a_1" and "b_2":

> a_101
< a_111
> b_200
< b_211

I don't expect a_1 or b_2 to be in the result set for the search < a_1 nor do I expect b_2 to show up in the found set for < b_2

There are even stranger results when your data set includes Na_Pa and Nb_Lit. Both show up in all conditions of > and < for both Na_Pa and Nb_Lit except for > Nb_Lit

I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.0v3 on Windows 7