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    Perform Find Question



      Perform Find Question




      I am running a script that includes a "Perform Find" command. I have three criteria that I need to search for.

      First it looks at record Id numbers > 100000.

      Next it looks at login types = "Login"

      Third I need to to look for a date range that the user can specify.


      The third piece is the problem. I can manually put a date range into the Perform Find and it will work, but I can not seem to find a way to allow a user to manipulate the date range criteria. I have tried both global fields and variables. When I enter this data, the find seems to look at it as a text entry rather than a Field name or Variable name.


      Is there any way to get this find to work, or perhaps another way that I could perform this find?


      Thanks for all the help. 

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          Two global date field for start and end.


          Then the script goes


          Enter Find Mode []

          Set Field [ RecordID; ">" & 100000 ]

          Set Field [ Login types; "Login" ]

          Set Field [ YourDate; gDateStart & "..." & gDateEnd ]

          Perform Find []



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            I use two global date fields. That way I can use filemaker's built in format checking to make sure the user enters a valid date in each field.


            Then my script, in find mode, uses:


            Set Field [table::dateField; GlobalDate1 & "..." & GlobalDate2]


            To convert the user's dates into a date range find criteria.


            I usually make things a bit more sophisticated:


            Set Field[table::dateField; If(isempty(globaldate2); Globaldate1; GlobalDate1 & "..." & GlobalDate2]


            That way, users can specify a single date by just leaving the second field blank.