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Perform Find Question - dynamically changing criteria field

Question asked by DDab on Jan 28, 2011
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Perform Find Question - dynamically changing criteria field



I am running a script that includes a "perform find" step. I am trying to find a way to tackle a dynamically changing criteria based on user selection. The following example will illustrate the situation:

Let's say I have a table that contains a field called 'Color'. In the GUI, the user can select the color from a check box field. For example, they could select [Red] or [Red, Green] to search for. Is there a way inside the 'specify found request' window to match a field against a list (ie Red¶Green¶Blue )? To find records that have either Red or Green or Blue in their Color field.

My current solution is to loop through the list and in each cycle constrain the found set. But that is a very expensive operation. I am looking for a better shortcut