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    Perform Find Script Not Working



      Perform Find Script Not Working


      I am trying to generate a "perform find" script for a report.  I have looked and tried following advice from other posts, but I think there might be a problem with my relationship between tables. 


      The Labor allocation reporting field used the same table Labor allocation.  I set variables and tried to use them, but to no avail.  Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



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          Here's the relationship tables:

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            Full name exists in all three tables where it should only be defined in Employees. Are you sure that Labor Allocation Reporting::FullName actually stores a name that matches to the FullName in employee? If not, $Employee Name will be blank.

            ID use this relationship:

            Labor Allocation Reporting::EmployeeID = Employees::EmployeeID

            and delete the full name field from both Labor Allocation Reporting and Labor Allocation tables.

            When you need the employee name on layouts based on those tables, you can include the Employees::FullName field on those layouts.

            Your script could then use this set field step to specify a name:

            Set Field [Employees::Fullname ; $Employee Name ]

            If that does not resolve the problems you are having, please post back and tell us what results you do get when you run your script. (That it doesn't work doesn't help us to help you as much as knowing HOW it failed...)