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perform find script step EXTREMELY slow

Question asked by catinthehat on Jan 16, 2012
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perform find script step EXTREMELY slow


I am running a script that searches about 17,000 records. It works fine and then sometimes it will go excruciatingly slow to the point where I will cancel the find. Its a pretty straightforward script that sets variables of Table::global_billed from value list:



"maybe".  (I have them as a checkbox and more than one can be selected.)

then enters find mode, set field (field::billed;global_billed) and performs find.

It goes slow specifically on the perfor find step.

Its weird because it goes slow sometimes. It might go slow when "yes" and "no" are selected or maybe just when "no" is selected.

All fields are indexed.

Do you recommend archiving most of the old records? would that make a difference, since it does work some of the time.