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Perform Find Syntax with Variables

Question asked by CodyRomphf on Jul 2, 2012
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Perform Find Syntax with Variables


What I am trying to do is build a script that will perform a find on a table and display all relevant results. Everything is structured correctly I just do not understand the required syntax for the "Perform Find" step. 

What I have: A table called Citations and a table called Extractions which are related via my RefID.

What I have tried: I have tested the find by using a known RefID number that would find some results. (Eg the number 2 where my syntax was Citations::RefID = 2) And the find works perfectly. However I would like to be able to make the criteria dynamic so it is actually useful. The way I understand it is that I should be able to say Citations::RefID = Extractions::RefID . Unfortunately this does not work. I did some reasearch and I learned that I needed a $ sign before variables but I have tried this as well and it does not work. 

I am sure this is just a simple syntax error but I cant find anywhere that explains the correct syntax. If someone could shed some light on the correct wording necessary that would be great. Thanks!