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Perform Find using Boolean "or" instead of "and"

Question asked by mmccarty on May 11, 2009
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Perform Find using Boolean "or" instead of "and"



  I have a report that displays 10 fields for each record.  I only want the records where at least one of those 10 fields has a "+".  Currently my script looks like this:

Perform Find[field 1=+]

Extend Found Set[field 2=+]

Extend Found Set[field 3=+]

Extend Found Set[field 4=+]


This script finds all the records I want.   The problem is it also creates a few 401 errors (no records match request).  I use the script step Set Error Capture[on], so my users don't see any errors.  However they are causing problems in my server.


When you set up more than one criteria in the Perform Find it uses "and" aka Perform Find[field 1=+ and field 2=+] what I want is "or" aka Perform Find[field 1=+ or field2=+].  Using "or" I won't get an error message because there always exists at least one record with at least one +.


Anyone know how to use "or" in Perform Find instead of "and"?