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Perform Find via Calculation

Question asked by Rman on Jan 28, 2014
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Perform Find via Calculation



     I'm looking for help integrating a calculation into a Find script.

     I'm currently using this calculation in another script to Sort Records. But, what I'd like to do is use this calculation to Find and show only the records that meet this criteria. 

     This calculation is assigned to a field called Partial_Orders.  //An order of items that has only been partial fulfilled.

     (Parts Turned In  <   Parts Ordered  and  Number of Parts Due  < Parts Ordered) 

     I've duplicated and tried modifying one of my other working Find scripts, but It's not functioning the way I thought it would. I've modified the script (see attached image) to the best of my current Filemaker abilities using "Inset Calculated Result" and a few other versions If Statements, but I'm now repeating things I've already tried. So, technically, I'm now insane.

     Any pointers of help would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you!