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Perform find when layout loads in IWP

Question asked by Woofumdust on Jul 19, 2009
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Perform find when layout loads in IWP


I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get a layout to perform a find when loaded when accessed via IWP using File Maker Pro. It works fine running from the desktop.


The load script does not seem to load, as I saw in another post. So I tried to add a layout with button that ran a script that loads the layout, per the advice in the other post. Two things happen, the script which has something like:


Field = Get(AccountName)


puts the text "Get(AccountName)" in the Field and then the form waits for the user to push the Perform Find button.


What I would like is for it to execute the Get and then do the find.


The overall goal is limiting users to seeing records they created, which works fine when running from the desktop. In that case the script runs, the find is performed, and then only the users records show, etc.


If the server version has some extra features to help with this, please point that out too, because long term I will install the server version.


Mike Jones