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    Perform Find Won't Omit <No Access>



      Perform Find Won't Omit



      I limited view access on records. Works nice. Now I want to omit those ugly <no access> rows.

      What I did:

      1. Enter Find Mode
      2. Set field (someField; "*")
      3. Perform Find

      Result: No matching record

      So a user in the fmforum said, do the following:

      1. Enter Find Mode
      2. Set Omit records
      3. Set field (someField; "*")
      4. Perform Find

      Result: The ugly <no access> rows are gone. nice.


      1. How do  perform a search?
      2. Quickfind is not working either.

      I use FM 11.0v2 Advanced Pro

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          I also noticed, when I take the file of the Server and start it locally, then everything works just fine.

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            Don't see why/how this could work differently as a local file instead of on the server.

            Your two examples should produce opposite results.

            If what you did produced the "no records match..." dialog, then somefield must be empty for all records in the table. The asterisk specifies finding every record that has at least one character present in that field.

            What they suggested includes an Omit step. That omit option means "omit all records that match this criteria" so it should bring up all records that your attempt didn't bring up, but then security settings kick in to omit any that are <no access> so that they are now hidden from your user.

            It might help to post your actual script here so we can see if there are any other small details that might be a factor here.

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              I posted again, because I feel that the subject doesn't fit to my problem anymore. A file is attachted too.

              Btw.... I cannot even perform a simple seach when the file is on the server. Example: Fieldname(Country) => Searchcriteria (Poland)

              But this only happens with a limited record access.

              Quickfind doesn't work either.