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    Perform Find, Empty String



      Perform Find, Empty String


      I have a Perform Fiind command in which I'm trying to filter for empty titles. In the criteria box I have specified an equal sign, with nothing else.

      I have not used this code for six months, but it worked before. I have since upgraded to FM 11 (Pro Advanced)

      Has something changed with FM 11; should I be specifying a different criteria?

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          perhaps using = ""

          would work for you?

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            I have tried =, ==, "", = "   " and some other combinations. It seems to me that a single equal sign SHOULD work.

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              The single equal sign should work.

              What happens when you do the Perform Find?

              Are you sure there are some empty records to be found?

              Are you sure it's looking in the correct field?

              Are you sure it's set to "Find" and not "Omit"?



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                Great questions!

                I'm positive I'm using the correct field and my action is set to Find Records, not Omit.

                I have 24 records with empty titles and they are all being deleted, except four.


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                  I found the problem...but not the solution.

                  I created a calculated field that refelected the lenght of the title. For the records that were not deleted, the lengh was 1, which must be a blank space.

                  How would I specify a title that had actual characters and/or numbers in it. In other words, not blank (completely blank) and not blank spaces?

                  I sure wish we could use functions when specifying criteria.

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                    If it's a blank space and only one blank sapce, ==" " should find it.

                    Another "gotcha" to look out for is that a lone = operator will only find records where the specified field is blank if it's a field in the current record. If it's a field from a related record, = will still find records as expected only if the related record exists. If the field appears blank because there is no related record, the = won't find those parent records. In such cases, you are more likely to get the results you want by putting an * in the field and using the omit option to omit all records where data appears in the related record's field. Such "omit" requests should be separate requests that come after the initial find request. (Use New Request in the Request menu to add more requests for such purposes.)

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                      Good feedback. Thank you.

                      While I have been able to fix the situation (by removing the single blank characters), the moral of the story is to do your data checking at the time of input and to ensure that the input text is properly formatted...when you can!

                      Thank you for the help.