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Perform Script on Server "rules"?

Question asked by themactech. on Nov 22, 2014
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Perform Script on Server "rules"?


So I created this script.. attached are two separate screen shots. Basically it's creating a set of new records and creating related sub records. So essentially a nested loop. So far I can run it successfully from the client machine and it works perfectly. But since it has the potential to create literally 300-500 records I thought it would be better for it run it from the server so I tried to use Perform Script on Server. But it just keeps creating records endlessly. Maybe I don't understand the Perform Script from Server function. When I run as PSS and check the logs I see the error 400 which is "Find criteria are empty". And best I can tell from the results It's referring to the Perform Find at Step 30 and 31 in the screenshots.  

So I'm confused as to why it works ok locally.. but not when running it from the server.

Any thoughts?  THANKS!!