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Performance Issues

Question asked by Frinholp on Mar 3, 2011
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Performance Issues


Hi all

I have an issue where my layouts are starting to get sluggish on load  and there is noticable flickering as scripts are executed. I'm unsure  what element of my construction is causing this to happen. I am  developing on the Windows platform.

All my tables are joined to two TOCs of themselves. One an equality join  which checks for uniqueness (which I could do without and use native  validation) and one a cartesian cross product join which is used for my  archive.

I have four calculation fields in each table.

cActive = not Archived Automatically create indexes when needed
cCountRecords = Count ( ArchiveTOC::SerialID ) Unstored
cCountArchive = Count ( ArchiveTOC::Archived ) Unstored
cTotalActive = Get ( TotalRecordCount ) - Count ( ArchiveTOC::Archived ) Unstored

These fields are diplayed on my layouts using merge fields.

I have many tables, the more I build, the more sluggish the system performs.

How often are these unstored calculation fields updated? Is it solely  when they are in use on a layout, or are they permenantly being  calculated?

Could this be the cause of the sluggish performance? What would be  suggested to increase performance in respect to loading layouts and  speed of script execution?

Thanks in advance