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performance of FMPro 10 vs FM server 10 ?

Question asked by jond on Feb 24, 2009
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performance of FMPro 10 vs FM server 10 ?


I have a script that is taking hours to run (FMPro10 / PC/Quad core 2.66 GHz/ 4 gigs Ram XPSP3).  There is a lot of recursive operations in the script and I need it to work much faster.  I have tested the program on a number of computers Mac and PC and the performance is roughly the same.


Is it possible that FM server would run the same script faster than FMPro?


the process appears to be CPU intensive since a RAM drive did not help and the hard drive does not appear to be doing much while the script is running.


When I look at the task manager the process is only using one core while the other 3 are not doing anything.  Is there any way to get FMPro 10 to use all 4 cores?  or would FM server 10 use more than one core when running the same process?