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Performing a "Contains" find in FM Pro 9

Question asked by FredLee on May 21, 2010
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Performing a "Contains" find in FM Pro 9


I am attempting to perform finds in a text field which contain letters in a certain order and am getting an incorrect "no records match", regardless of whether I do a literal, exact, relaxed (what is that? it's not in the "help" text). For example, if I try to find the record which contains "Bank" in this field, and the field for that record is "GDNCBank", the find turns up no records. If I do "greater than" and "less than", it turns up all records which contain any text in that field; ditto for "range" or "zero or more characters". What is wrong here? How do you perform a very simple find present in all applications (except FM apparently) which allows you to specify "contains"?