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    Performing a 'Find' function, problem



      Performing a 'Find' function, problem


           Hi there,

           I have many records imported from Bento at this point, with lots of fields completed.

           But when I do a 'search' for a particular record, the title does an autocomplete (good). When I hit 'return', nothing else shows up- none of the other filled in fields. What did I do wrong in setup?



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               Hitting the return key, does not automatically perform the find. You would appear to still be in find mode.

               Click Perform Find in the status tool bar or press the Enter key (in the number key pad) to perform the find.

               (Return can be interpreted by FileMaker as the indicator to start a second line of text in the same field or to move the cursor to the next field in the tab order depending on how you have set up field behavior for you fields via settings on the Inspector's data tab.)