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performing a scrip to diplay record

Question asked by developerS on Aug 18, 2010
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performing a scrip to diplay record



I have a databse with a number of forms. Home page has a number of buttons that link to each of the various forms, as well as two fields that users fill with their name and age. The fields àge`and `name`are in every form. I am running a script on the button that will take the user information and automatically populates the name and field it in every form they choose to fill out.

I do NOT want a user to be able to fill out the same form twice. So I need the script to first look up a record and display it if found, if not to create a new record with those demographics.

Can anyone help me with this? I ahve been trying to figure it out for days. Doing research and everything. No luck.

Help please!