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Performing Finds.

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Oct 25, 2010
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Performing Finds.


I'd hoped to solve this myself, but after spending all weekend and a bit more trying numerous approaches, I need help....

'table_level' stores data about each floor in a building, 'table_zone' stores data about zones on a floor.

I built a layout based on 'table_level' using a portal to record related 'table_zones' data, this works well and I'm quite happy with it (it needs to be easy to enter data on the iPad, which it is).

However a requirement of my accreditation is that I submit copies of my records for audit in a prescribed format and one of those requirements is to provide a printed list for each 'level' with the related 'zones' listed under the basic 'level' info. Because I use a portal, printing such a list is truncated using the layout I created for the iPad, so I looked at creating an additional list layout based on 'table_zones', with the basic 'table_level' data inside the layout header.

I've discovered enough to know that if I do a find using basic text entry using the same text as I would find in the  'level_name' field (ie. 'L1", which appears in both tables), that the list of 'table_zones' is reduced to only the 'zones' on that 'level' AND the related data in the header from the 'table_zones changes to the same level, which is exactly what I want to happen.

My next step was to create a third related table, with a 'search_level' field as well as the related field and create a single record. I placed the field on the list layout with a conditional value list based on the 'table_level' records using the 'level_names' field.

I thought I would be then able to create a button with a script that used the content of the 'search_level' field as the criteria for the 'perform find/quickfind', but just can't get it to work.

I think my basic problem is that I just don't understand scripting/calculations enough. 

So along with perhaps helping in this particular scenario, I wondered if there was a dummies guide to scripting. The user documentation and tutorial don't tell me enough and the online scripting/function reference file is just over my head at this time. Similarly I'm also following the VTC tutorial which seems to jump from very basic stuff to well over my head stuff with nothing in the middle.