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Performing look-ups from external FM files.

Question asked by Boltonjohn on Jul 10, 2012
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Performing look-ups from external FM files.


I have just taken the plunge after many years and upgraded from  FM 5 to 12.  I did buy FM 8 a few years ago, opened the box, looked at the features, decided there was nothing new I needed and left it in the box - sop now I have the big leap from 5 to 12 which is causing me problems.

In 5, I have a stock database which contains several thousand records of collector coins and antiques.  I also have other Filemaker files which contain information which I look-up from the main file.  

For example I list stuff on a web mall site which needs a category code number and a sort code.  Say  I enter a fresh coin for the emperor Nero in my main database. I have the main database set to do a look-up for the date of Nero's reign from an 'emperor' file, a look-up from another file to generate the web site category number for Nero, and another look-up on a separate file containing sort codes for each emperor so that the coin of Nero appears in the correct sort order within its web site section. There are complications which stop me have all the look-up data in a single look-up file.

All pretty simple as it was.

I cannot for the life of me see how to do the same function in FM12. All I want to be able to do is create a coin layout and look up required data from several external filemaker files.   Or create a new record for an antique and do similar functions to those I do for coins.

Is it no longer possible just to say "please look up a matching emperor in external file xxxx and if you get a match copy the web site category number into the category field on the main file"

Help (please).

John Cummings