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    Periodical Receipt Management - How would you approach?



      Periodical Receipt Management - How would you approach?


           I'm in need of a solution for librarians to track receipt of various periodicals throughout the year. Currently, they use printed cards and mark dates as the magazines are received, like so —

           The ongoing receipt management is my concerm. Some magazines are daily, some weekly, some monthly, some quarterly, etc. My initial thoughts are to simply have a different document for the frequency of delivery, duplicate the layout of the cards, and make every single date cell a checkbox. Anyone have a better suggestion?



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               Do you have access to a barcode scanner? Most periodicals are printed with a barcode these days. With such a scanner, the librarian can simply bring up a layout for the purpose and then scan each periodical with the scanner to log its receipt.

               I recommend that you have two tables linked in this relationshihp:

               Periodicals::__pkPeriodicalID = ReceptionLog::_fkPeriodicalID

               Log the title, frequency etc in fields in Periodicals.

               ReceptionLog need only have two fields though more can be added if necessary:

               _fkPeriodicalID and DateReceived

               DateReceived can auto-enter the current date when a new record is created in ReceptionLog.

               Either scanning the barcode like I described or You can use this method:

               Pull up an alpabetical list of periodical titles from the Periodicals table with a button next to each title. Clicking a button next to the periodical table can perform this script.

               Freeze Window
               Set variable [$PID ; value: Periodicals::__pkPeriodicalID ]
               Go to Layout [ReceptionLog]
               New Record/Request
               Set field [ReceptionLog::_fkPeriodicalId ; $PD]
               Go to Layout [original layout]

               On a different layout based on Periodicals, you can use a portal to ReceptionLog to list all the dates for which that Periodical was received.

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                 Thank you for your reply Phil. I'll take your suggestion to the people involved in the project.