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    Permanent Text Field



      Permanent Text Field


      I would like to have a set of text fields that show up with the same text in them through every record. I do not believe I can just use a text box or a label because I need to pull that information to another database. How can I set those fields so that they automatically contain the same text everytime?...To make things more difficult, I need the text in the same field to be different when I am looking at a different layout.

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          1. A simple solution would be to define a calculation field and simply type your text into the calculation box in quotes. Set the calculation field to return text. This field will then appear in every record with the same text and it will not be modifiable except by re-opening the calculation and changing it there--which will change the text for all records.
          2. A slightly better approach might be to define a text field, specify global storage and type the text into this global text field. This field can now be edited in browse mode if you choose to allow it, and the contents of this field will be the same for every record and can be referenced from any layout in your database.
          3. Another option is to define a related table where you create a single record with the needed text field or fields. You can relate this to any other table with the X operator instead of = so that every record in the other table will match to this one record. The results are very similar to the 2nd option, but can be easier to work with in multi-user systems where you are hosting the database over a network.