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    Permanently filtered layout?



      Permanently filtered layout?


           I have a table named Seminars which keeps track of every seminar that has ever been given in the 11 years of our annual conference. I would like to create a layout called Current Seminars, which would show just those seminars that will be given at this year's conference.

           I suppose I could create a script that finds for current seminars and is triggered to run on every conceivable event, but I'd rather see if I could create some sort of relationship which permanently filters the Seminars table so that only the ones for the current year display. (Each year's conference is named in a field called Event, e.g. Summit 2011, Summit 2012, etc.) Then I would create the table called Current Seminars based on that relationship.

           How would I create that relationship?

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               A relationship can't "filter" a layout but it can filter a portal. If you want to see a list of all current seminars, use a portal that uses either a relationship and/or a portal filter to only display those that are "current".

               If you want to use a table view or list view layout to list them, then you'll need to build in some script triggers, but with FileMaker Advanced, it's not too difficult to do. You can use Advanced to either modify or remove the Show All Records and Show Omitted Only option so these can't be used to bring up records that aren't current.

               Then write one find script that constrains the found set to current seminars and use the OnLayoutEnter and OnModeExit (Find) triggers to prevent the user from viewing anything but current seminar records on your layout.