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Permanently filtered layout?

Question asked by rickaltman on Apr 23, 2013
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Permanently filtered layout?


     I have a table named Seminars which keeps track of every seminar that has ever been given in the 11 years of our annual conference. I would like to create a layout called Current Seminars, which would show just those seminars that will be given at this year's conference.

     I suppose I could create a script that finds for current seminars and is triggered to run on every conceivable event, but I'd rather see if I could create some sort of relationship which permanently filters the Seminars table so that only the ones for the current year display. (Each year's conference is named in a field called Event, e.g. Summit 2011, Summit 2012, etc.) Then I would create the table called Current Seminars based on that relationship.

     How would I create that relationship?