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permission to create copyrightable FileMaker tutorials

Question asked by DavidMatson on Dec 19, 2011
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permission to create copyrightable FileMaker tutorials


I need to see in writing something from FileMaker that gives users permission to create tutorials for how to use FileMaker and post them on sites like youtube. 

I see FileMaker tutorials on YouTube but in my search for the legality of using software visuals of FileMaker I came across posts that advised that these users could be sued by Filemaker for copyright infringement if they did not have permission from FileMaker to make educational video's that feature the FileMaker interface, menus, etc. aka FileMaker software visuals.

I would think such videos would help FileMaker by improving the user experience and promoting the product, and that FileMaker would not have a problem with such video makers monetizing those videos.  However, I want to make sure such permission exists, or if video tutorial makers need special permission from FileMaker to make software tutorials.  Is there a video tutorial maker guidelines PDF?