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Permissions issue relating to "delete" capabilities

Question asked by CarrieB. on Mar 16, 2009
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Permissions issue relating to "delete" capabilities


I have an issue I'm hoping someone can help me out with. =) Let me see if I can explain what I'm doing here. I've set up all my users (other than myself) with limited capabilities, i.e. they can't delete. When the user is in the main record, they click on a button that runs the following script:

Set Field [Global Field; Contact ID]

Allow User Abort [Off]

Select Window [Current Window]

Move/Resize Window [criteria stuff here]

Go to Layout [layout here]

Show All Records

New Record/Request

Set Field [Related Field; Global Field]

Commit Records/Requests

Adjust Window


Then, while the user is in this layout, they fill in required criteria to the new record that was created and have a few button options at the end. One of the Options is a "Cancel, go back" type of button. I had to set this button to first commit the record, then delete the record (in this related table) before going back to the original layout. When I didn't have the "commit" first, the database would sometime choose to delete the original record in the other table if you chose certain criteria before cancelling. Anyhoo! To get to my current dilema ...... a normal user gets an error message when pressing this button because part of the script "deletes" the related record, which they don't have permission to do. I'd like the scripts to work, regardless of user permissions. Is there a way to do this?


Thanks!!! Hope this made sense. :smileywink: