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Perplexed about "Manage Accounts and Privileges" and "File options..."

Question asked by categoryman on Sep 22, 2009
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Perplexed about "Manage Accounts and Privileges" and "File options..."


System information:

Mac G5

OS 10.5.8


I have been working on a runtime solution for quite some time, and up until recently have had no problems moving from the development program to runtime program.


Historically, on opening the runtime, the "Open using" dialog box pops up with the name of the application as the account name and a request that the user type in the supplied password; they could of course replace it with one of their choosing after the initial opening.


Now, however, the runtime goes right to the application without requiring the "Open Using" dialogue, thus allowing the user unfettered access. I recently discovered in the course of trying to figure this out, that if after the program opens, I can select the "Change password" command, and on opening the program a second time, the "Open using" dialogue comes up, and does so every time thereafter


The program has two accounts, one administrative and the other assigned to the runtime program, which uses a custom menu.


What perplexes me most is that the "Open using" has has worked flawlessly since I originally put the program together, why it is that I can not make it work properly again.


Any insights are greatly appreciated.