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    Personalized reports with notifications



      Personalized reports with notifications



      I am trying to set up a layout that will display the user's task list. Is there a way to only display the tasks assigned to the user who is signed in a view the report? Furrthermore, is there a way to notify the user when they sign in to FM that they have new tasks, without using email? And one more thing, can I make new, unviewed tasks appear highlighted?

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          There are three parts to that question.

          1. Record Level Access control: If each user has their own account and password you can use this technique to control access to records on a record by record basis. It requires that the records in one way or another be linked to the user's account name.

          See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a detailed description of how to set this up.

          2. User notifications: If you use file options to select a script that runs each time the file is opened, this script can perform a find for such new tasks. If any are found it can present them with a layout listing all the tasks or just the new ones.

          3. Highlighting the new tasks. If you have a field in the task record that identifies which ones have not been viewed before, a conditional format can specify a contrasting fill color for the fields to highlight them. When the user dismisses this layout (perhaps through the OnLayoutExit script trigger), a script can change the value in this field to mark it as "viewed" so that it will not highlight the next time.

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            Thanks for the response. By editing record access privileges like you suggest would the user only be able to see their tasks and never view the task list for the project in it's entirety? That doesn't seem desireable. Or does it work more like I make a new layout that is "Personal tasks" and then edit the record access privelege for only that layout. Is that accurate?

            I definitely thought there needed to be an opening script. I'm sure you've probably mentioned the script before in another post. Can you point me in the right direction?

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              What do you mean by "task list"? Is this a list of records or a value list?

              Either way, you can set things up the way you need. Access privileges is primarily intended to prevent users from viewing/modifying records that they are not authorized to see or edit. If you just need a specific report to filter down to just the current user's records, but they otherwise still need access to the other records, that can also be set up via scripts that perform a find or constrain the found set to limit the records to the desired set. It can also be a combination of both where a user customized report layout/script combo provides the report you describe while access privileges allow them to view all tasks but to only edit a specific subset of those records. It's all a matter of what you need to accomplish.

              In File Options, you can select a script that runs when the file opens. This script can use a number of different get functions such as get ( accountName ) to identify the current user and use that information as part of the find criteria that produces the report.

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                Task list would be a list of the task records assigned to an individual. Basically, I'm trying to make personalized "To-Do" lists.

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                  Like I said in my last post, you can set it up either way. You can use access privilege settings to control access and/or you can use scripts/finds to produce customized lists of the records. Another option that I didn't mention is that you can list the records in a portal and use a filter to limit the listed tasks to those assigned to the current user. This last option requires FileMaker 11  unless you set up the filter at the relationship level for your portal.

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                    Ah, I didn't realize it was either way. I thought I had to do both. Ok. I'll check it out. Thanks for the help.

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                      Either or both in combination are possible options. It depends on exactly what you need/want to set up.

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                        I think I was just looking for option 2, a notification script that leads to a layout and highlights the new user-specific tasks.