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    Personnel Template - FM Pro Advanced 12



      Personnel Template - FM Pro Advanced 12


           Hi Guys


           I started using FM12 just yesterday to build my recruitment database, i started with the Personnel starter solution as this had most of the fields i already needed and the ones I didnt I could customise as per excel sheet that i was using to import...

           I'm pretty much there now apart from a few snags that i cant figure out... any help on these would be greatly appriciated:

           1, How do i change the drop down menu on the status box - the standard settings are "New Hire, Active and Terminated" i would like to change those to "Live, Placed and Flagged" - I also have the same problem with box's such as hourly rate ect

           2, How doI I change the currently symbol for the rate paid

           3, When i had a new record - the total number of records doesn't change or increase... why is this?

           I think thats all for now

           Any advise or help on this would be hugely received 

           Thank you 


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               1.  It is a value list.  Go to Manage Database>Value list>Status.  Click Status, click edit.

               2.  I don't see a "rate paid', but if you are referring to the hourly rate field, go to Edit Layout.  Click on the field, bring up Inspector, Data tab. At the bottom, data formatting, you'll see a box where you can change the "$" to whatever you want.

               3.  When I click "New Record", it immediately adds a new record.