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Personnel Template - FM Pro Advanced 12

Question asked by JasonPalmer on Oct 2, 2013
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Personnel Template - FM Pro Advanced 12


     Hi Guys


     I started using FM12 just yesterday to build my recruitment database, i started with the Personnel starter solution as this had most of the fields i already needed and the ones I didnt I could customise as per excel sheet that i was using to import...

     I'm pretty much there now apart from a few snags that i cant figure out... any help on these would be greatly appriciated:

     1, How do i change the drop down menu on the status box - the standard settings are "New Hire, Active and Terminated" i would like to change those to "Live, Placed and Flagged" - I also have the same problem with box's such as hourly rate ect

     2, How doI I change the currently symbol for the rate paid

     3, When i had a new record - the total number of records doesn't change or increase... why is this?

     I think thats all for now

     Any advise or help on this would be hugely received 

     Thank you