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Phantom Table?

Question asked by BillBoyd on May 17, 2012
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Phantom Table?


Due to a problem I described in a different post I'm trying to implement something similar to the "Business Productivity Solution - Services Edition".  The "Contacts" item has a lot of fancy logic to try to identify "similars".  (I've put "(etc.)" to avoid typing a lot of similar logic.)

Similar By     Text     Global

Similar Company Key     Calculation (Text)   from Contacts, = Company

Similar Name Key     Calculation (Text)      from Contacts, = Last Name

Similars Count     Calculation (Number)       Unstored, from Contacts, = Count(Similars::Similars Key)

Similars Key     Calculation (Text)              Unstored, from Contacts, = Case(Similar By = "Name" Similar Name Key; (etc.)

Similars MultiKey     Calculation (Text)        Indexed, from Contacts, = Similar Name Key (etc.)

Similars Tab Label      Calculation (Text)     Unstored, from Contacts, - "Related Contacts" (etc.)


The thing I'm having trouble understanding is the reference to "Similars::Similars Key" in the definition of Similars Count.  Similars appears in the "Relationships" diagram for "Contacts".  However, the "Tables" view for "Contacts" reports that there is "1 table defined in this file", that being the "Contacts" table.  When I try to enter that definition of "Similars Count" in the new system, I'm told that "The specified table cannot be found." How is "Similars" defined/managed?  How do I account for the mention of "from Contacts" and the reference to a "Similars" table in the same calculation definition?  I've looked at the window for "Manage Relationships" but it's still not clear to me what to do.  Thanks for any help.