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           You do a phenomenal job sir. I referring to the Moderator PhilModJunk. Thank You!

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               This forum should be called "PhilMaker"...not  "FileMaker".  Thanks Phil for helping all of us out.

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                 I can't resist adding a comment here. Besides all the great work PhilModJunk does that's visible, he's constantly in touch with us at the back end making sure people get answers, and that problems with the forum get reported. I'd say "PhilMaker Pro!"

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                   Phil-nominal !!!....hope you guys give him stock options. 

                   He's probably. single-handily responsible for more people (beginners) not giving up out of pure frustration (me especially). 

                   Amazing, knowledgeable, talented, and always helpful.  I want to be like him when I grow up (even though I'm 48)

                   Ummmmm Modman, how bout getting Phil a book deal? (I'm not his agent).  Or at least a page with all his tips consolidated and indexed.  The only way we can see the depths of his knowledge is to have him answer the billions of questions we ask.

                   I know Phil may hate this, but I think everyone who Phil has helped should reply to this thread and keep bumping it up to the top, where it belongs.

                   Can never thank Phil enough,