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PhilModJunks' sample ManytoManyRelationshipDB

Question asked by Dekade on Oct 8, 2012
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PhilModJunks' sample ManytoManyRelationshipDB



     Regarding your

     Your sample file has tons of diversification possibilities to it. Especially when it comes to reporting and displaying found sets, etc. It's foundation is really going to make my home project fun.

     I am actually trying to step by step duplicate/alter your sample to accommodate my needs. I think I will learn more that way versus starting my own concept from scratch. As far as locating outside resources to further my re-acquaintance with Filemaker I did locate VTC on the web and have studied a lot of the ‘free’ lessons to get me back into the swing of some areas of Filemaker.

     You are such an advanced designer that it takes me quite awhile to decipher everything you have done even in your simplest of sample.

Red typeset represents my personalizing.

     On the Basic Setup – am I correct in observing that the only way to get a ‘contact’ (Topic Name) into the Contacts (TOPICs) table is via the + script button? I think it is because I cannot at the moment see anything on the portal rows and there are already a couple of records in the Contacts (TOPICs) table. I also cannot see the drop box arrow for the Event_Contact (COMPOs_TOPICs) table ID field in layout or browse mode. I have checked and rechecked and feel confident that I have everything related properly and the proper value list structure for the ID field in the portal.

     Or – can I alternatively manually enter contacts in the Contacts (TOPICs) table and then see them in the portal as individual portal rows?

     I was just getting ready to alter the + button script to accommodate my needs and thought I would ask the above questions.

     Also, am I correct in observing that the Basic Setup layout Event_Contact (COMPOs_TOPICs) portal is required BEFORE the “EchbAllContacts” (CchbAllTopics) portal can function correctly/properly?



     Filemaker Pro10 Advanced (wish I had FMP12ADV; but I don't)

     I've been 'playing around' in Filemaker since 2003. Retired now. I only get to work in it about 10 hours a week. Wish I could just spend all day in it. Too many honey do's! :)  To me it's fun and to many more others it's their lifeline (it used to be a small part of my lifeline from 2003 - 2010). Anyway you use it - it's a great program.