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Photo album style view

Question asked by JCPython on Aug 10, 2012
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Photo album style view


Im trying to achieve a photo album style type of view with my main photo field in one of my tables, i stumbled across this very god sample :

I managed to integrate it into my database by importing all tables, scripts and re creating the layouts, works great, problem is when i try to modify the fields to use my image container field in my table i cant get it working, i dont understand what im doing wrong, its a very simple sample but i suspect there's something very minor that im missing, seems to always be the littlest thing lol. spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out what im doing wrong but i just get the same results, it shows up around a hundred empty container fields.

does anyone know how i can set up the similar thing as in the attached sample by doing it from scratch using my current images from my database?

im really surprised that the contact management starter solution doesnt have this feature in it.