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    Photo Date Stamp possible?



      Photo Date Stamp possible?



         We have a requirement from our customers to have date stamp on our photos when taken with an iOs device..  Is this possible with Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 and Filemaker Go using Container fields?  Would a third-party app work with Filemaker Pro 13 whenever I enable the camera on the iOs device?

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          No, it is not possible for the standard camera app to timestamp the image. There are some apps out there that can, but they require the photo to be taken through that app.

          I am not familiar with any of these apps and if they support URL scripting to be able to get your photo back into filemaker.


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            Yes its is possible and very easy


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              GetContainerAtrribute(Image;"created") will allow me to do this?  I would think not, but I could be wrong?  Like Eoin mentioned, probably need a separate app, but that means I no longer have control for the video size and quality.  Controlling video size and quality is important to keep Filemaker DB small.   I may have to just train the users to utilize the separate app for video shots.Thanks


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                Sorry my last post wasmt finished and didn't include the demo file (explorer doesn't like this forum) 

                You are looking to annonate with a timestamp

                I have a javascript that automates the task. it is triggered from a layout but all the work is done outside of filemaker using GraphicsMagick. I automate the annonation watermarking and scaling of  thousands of images a week with it.

                I have never used it on video frames but it can be done.

                I am back home middle of next week and will upload to the thread.