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Photo metadata - newbie question

Question asked by ClintGryke on Jan 13, 2011


Photo metadata - newbie question


Apologies if this is a frequent question. I've tried to search the forum but am not finding anything. 
I'm new to Filemaker (just bought it today, tempted by the special offer) having previously used Access. I switched back to Mac a few years ago and have been fed up having to switch to Windows to use my photo database. In fact I've stopped updating my Access database and have just been using Adobe Bridge and keywording to keep track of my images but this is a very limited solution.

I have found it very easy to import linked images into Filemaker with the filenames which is great. But what would be even better would be if I could import the metadata.

So my question: Is it possible to import metadata from image files (Jpegs or PSDs) into a Filemaker database.

The metadata I am interested in is both EXIF data from the camera files and ITPC data such as location, description and keyword fields which I have spent some significant time adding to my pictures using Adobe Bridge. I don't have this metadata in my Access database so importing indirectly this way is not an option. 

I noticed an ad for an Aperture to Filemaker metadata export plugin on the Filemaker website  As I recently bought Aperture as well at the App store at the special offer price this looked like an interesting option but this plug-in apparently does not work yet with Aperture 3 and Filemaker 11. In any case, it may not export ITPC data, just EXIF?

Really I'm just wondering if there is a relatively easy solution to this. Grateful for any feedback.