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    Photo Size



      Photo Size


           I have the photo container setup to tap on it and take a picture, when I use that picture it appears really big, I have to click on the picture and then select view to properly look at it, is it possible to make it so it saves it like shrink to fit container and then when I select it to view it,  then it should appear on the whole iPad.....



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               Are you saying that the image in the container field doesn't fit immediately after inserting it? There are data formatting options that you can select in the inspector for this field such as "reduce or enlarge to fit" along with "Maintain proportions" that should ensure that any image inserted into that container field resizes to fit the dimensions of the field. This does not change the image resolution so you can still use the entire iPad screen to view the image.

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            Thanks very much will try it..
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              Database Can I move a database like a single unit? In my database? Everyone I at a new database it accumulates at the bottom of my database is it possible to move it to the middle?
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                Sorry, but your last post does not make any sense to me when I read it...

                When dealing with a FileMaker system, a "Database" can be a single file or multiple files designed to work together.

                Some people say "database" they actually mean "table" though in reality, a database can consist of many tables defined in one or more files.....

                And I cannot figure out what you mean by "accumulates at the bottom of my database..."

                and "move it to the middle" of what exactly?

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                  I have this database created where I click on add new record and then insert the info and where does it put the newest record on the bottom of the records can I move that records in the database?


                  Like for example I have a total of 19 records and when I click on add new record it will place the new record at 20 which that how it works, but can I then move it to like number 15 and have 15-19 move down to 16-20?

                  Thanks, Toby Gross