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    Photos in a grid layout



      Photos in a grid layout


      FM 8.5

      Mac OS X 


      I'm creating a photo library and would like to have a layout in a grid format with a different record in each cell of the grid. Can some help me create this layout?



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          this can be done using portals of one row ( as cell ).


          You can create a self-relationship with the cartesian operator ( x ) and put on the layout many portals of one row.


          Note that this solution isn't so good because it is limited by the layout phisical space.


          Even using a tab control do not let show more than a limited number of photos

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            I would want a contact sheet which displayed the found set. One way of doing this is to use a script or Custom Function to gather the IDs of the found set into a field for the left side of a regular relationship (equals operator), then using the "portals of one row each" technique. Another somewhat similar technique (by Genx), but using a repeating field, can be found here:



            This method does not require a script or Custom Function. It is kind of a minimal example. You have to go to the 1st layout and do a Find in the photoID field to produce a found set (as there are no other searchable fields).


            I don't know how it compares in raw speed to the portals method. I guess the whole idea is that you want to Find a reasonable subset of records. But you could have a lot of thumbnails on one screen.

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                 This is perfect! Thanks!!