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Photos into databases

Question asked by RonJennings on Aug 10, 2012
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Photos into databases & e-mailing records as reports


One of the areas we support does periodic safety audits and wants to use their iPad 2 to do these paperlessly.  Most of it is straightforward checklist kinda stuff (check boxes or radio buttons as appropriate).  But there are a few items that I'm unfamiler with as I'm only getting started in Filemaker development:

1) They want to be able to take photos with the iPad (could be just 1 could be 500; basicly as many as they desire) and have them drop directly into the record for the audit and the full photo(s) be viewable with out any additional clicking (or tapping in the case of viewing the database on the iPad)

2) Bonus if a "caption" could be added to pics as desired.

3) Easy way to get into and out of the photo-taking component.

4) They want to be able to e-mail completed records from the iPad or from their desktop (PCs in this case) to the person responsible for the area they audited.  They will have their iPads linked to our mail server.


This project can be completed in 11 but will have to move to 12 eventually so it can be done in 12 if required to meet the requests.

Advice on any of that?