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    PHP and FileMaker Pro



      PHP and FileMaker Pro


      Is it possible to use PHP with FileMaker Pro or do I have to use FileMaker Pro Server?

      Failing this, is it possible to access FileMaker Pro databases using Javascript with manipulation of the data or is that beyond the capabilities of Javascript?

      I have a fair idea I know what the answers to both questions will be but I just need confirmation.

      Thanks people.

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          Use of PHP requires FileMaker Server.


          As for JavaScript, yes it is possible...I believe that the Fusion Reactor plugin uses a similar concept utilizing the web viewer.  Although I may be slightly off in my understanding of how it actually works.

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            Hey, thanks for the reply.


            I had a feeling that PHP needed FileMaker Server and not just PHP that comes with Mac OS X.


            Do you know if there is any resources for finding out how to connect to a FileMaker Pro database using Javascript?


            I'm thinking of developing a call centre application and I want to do it using standards based technology and if I can do it without much extra costs then I will be happier.


            I was thinking of using MySQL and PHP and as good as a solution as that is I was also wanting to build standalone applications for iPhone to complement the solution so FileMaker Pro seems to lend itself well to that. At some stage I will purchase FileMaker Pro Server and do it properly but at the moment it is kind of out of my price range.